Geometric Shapes Hat

Suggested Grades



Students will identify and use a variety of 2-D shapes to make a hat.


  • a variety of shapes cut out of a variety of coloured construction paper
  • tagboard
  • glue
  • scissors



  • Make a base for the hat with a strip of tagboard. Wrap it around your head and pull on both ends until it is comfortable. Staple the ends together.
  • Get another strip of tagboard and staple one end to the front of the base (where your forehead will be if you put it on)and staple the other end to the back of the base (where the back of your head will be).
  • Start gluing on the variety of shapes on the tagboard strips. Demonstrate different ways that they can be placed on (overlapped, folded, curled, etc..). It would be nice if there was a 3 dimensional effect to the hat.
  • Let dry.
  • Students repeat the process.
  • Share hats with classmates, identifying all of the shapes used.

Additional Resources


Maebelle’s Suitcase, Tricia Tusa, Pub. Alladin Paperbacks, 1991
(One-hundred-and-eight-year-old Maebelle makes a lot of hats, and every year she looks forward to entering her town’s hat contest. This year,though, with the help of her friend Binkle and his suitcase, a very original entry is created.)