2-D Shape Collage

Suggested Grades



Students will identify and sort 2-Dimensional shapes that they find in images in magazines.


  • magazines
  • scissors
  • glue
  • large piece of paper with sections drawn for organizing images of various shapes.


  • Leaf through a magazine, cutting out images that have 2-D shapes in them (ie. stove=square, fridge=rectangle, roof=triangle, etc.)
  • After cutting out each shape, ask students what the name of the shape is. Get a student to place the shape in the appropriate section on the large piece of paper.
  • Repeat until students comprehend.
  • Students work on activity on their own, following demonstration.
  • After sorting has been completed and checked by teacher, students can either glue all the shapes as organized, OR glue the shapes to create a collage or picture.