2-D Shape Pattern Placemats

Suggested Grades



Students will identify and form a pattern out of 2-D shapes, then will transfer this pattern into creating placemats.


  • fabric scraps cut into a variety of shapes, and thrown randomly into bins or boxes.
  • fabric in 8.5 X 11 rectangles (approx.), one per student (will act as the ‘placemat’)
  • good scissors
  • craft or white glue
  • paper


  • On the chalkboard/chart-paper draw all the shapes that are available in the fabric scraps.
  • Ask students to draw a pattern using these shapes on a piece of paper. Shapes can be used more than once, and not all shapes need to be used (eg. triange-triangle-circle-square, triangle-triangle-circle-square…).
  • Divide class into groups, with the appropriate number of bins of fabric shapes.
  • Hand out the 8.5 X 11 fabric rectangles (soon to be placemat).
  • Ask students to transfer the pattern that they drew to their ‘placemats’ using the small fabric shapes. The fabric shapes will form a border around the edge of the ‘placemat’ when glued down.
  • Will take about a half-day to dry.
  • NOTE: CANNOT BE WASHED!!! Glue will dissolve. Ornamental not utilitarian.