You are What You Say: Personality Profiles

Suggested Grades



Students will develop personality profiles by analyzing the quotes of a character, historical figure, present day figure, etc…


  • Gather a few quotes of a character, historical figure, present day figure, etc. that indicate their personality. Write each quote on separate pieces of paper.
  • Before beginning the study on the figure or reading the story with your students, split them up into the same number of groups that you have as quotes.
  • Give each group a quote and ask them to write down as many words as they can that would describe the person who said the quote.
  • After this is done, ask students to share their lists with the rest of the class.
  • Reveal to the students that the quotes were uttered by the same character.
  • Then, with the whole class, develop a personality profile for the character by making a few generalizations based on all of the words they listed.
  • Now present the students with the text you would like them to read.
  • After the reading re-visit the personality profile. Was it correct?, Could it be changed?, Could a few more statements or quotes be added to give a better picture?…