I Know, I Wonder, I Learned Chart

Suggested Grades



Students will record what they know and wonder before being introduced to a text or a unit, then after, will record anything new that they learned. This graphic organizer encourages students to apply what they already know, ask questions, and focus their reading towards new topics.


  • Before being introduced to a text or a unit ask student to copy a chart like the one below, or photocopy one for them.                                 
I Know     I Wonder I Learned
  • Then give students a very brief introduction to the text or unit you would like covered, and ask them to fill in what they already know about it and what they would like to know.
  • Now present the text or unit to the students, ask them to focus especially on finding the answers to the questions they had.
  • When this is all completed, ask student to fill in what they learned.
  • If there are questions in the “I Wonder” column that weren’t answered, present the students with more information, or encourage students to find the answers by doing extra research.