“Come to Canada!” Poster

Suggested Grades



Students will examine the positive aspects of Canada (eg. diversity, natural resources, scenery) while they design a poster attracting people to come to Canada (travel or immigrate).


  • poster paper
  • magazines (pref. with Canadian/multi-cultural focus)
  • paints & brushes
  • markers
  • if possible, travel/promotional posters/brochures for Canada as examples


  • Show students examples of posters, pointing out the colours and the type of phrasing used to attract people.
  • Students focus on an aspect of Canada they see as worth coming here for.
  • Students design and create their posters, focusing on their ‘angle’.
  • Display posters and have class discussion on techniques and content used.
  • Variation: You may want to try doing this with another time period (eg. pre-confederation)