“Who Am I?” Game

Suggested Grades



Students will identify important things in various subjects by analyzing their characteristics.


  • index cards
  • tape


  • Before doing this lesson, label the index cards according to whatever subject you are using them for:
    Socials– historical figures, time-periods, places, geography terms and features, places,…
    Science– scientists, inventors, chemicals, rocks, planets, plants, animals, …
    Language Arts– authors, parts of speech, punctuation marks,…
    Fine Arts– artists, musicians, instruments, works of art,…
  • The point of the game is for students to figure out who/what they are, based on answers to questions they pose to their classmates.
  • Tape a different card on each student’s back.
  • Students wander around asking classmates yes/no questions about who/what they are.
  • Whoever guesses who/what they are first, wins.