The Sound of Rain

Suggested Grades



Students will cooperate to make the sound of rain.


  • Begin by gathering students in a circle (preferably not on carpet) and explaining and practicing how each of the sounds are made. Wind is created by rubbing your hands in a circular motion on the floor. Small rain drops are made with the fingertips striking the floor softly, then a little harder. Finally comes the heavy rain, made by all the fingers on each hand hitting the floor quickly together.
  • Place students into three groups (wind, small rain drops, heavy rain). Have each sound group mixed together, rather than in separate groups.
  • Each group is responsible for their sound. Signal to the students when their group should join in (ie. wind first, then small rain drops). Each group should continue to make their sound even after another sound joins in.
  • Variation: Divide class into four groups: hand rubbers, one finger clappers, four finger clappers, and thigh clappers.