Squiggle Drawing

Suggested Grades



Students will use their drawing and story-writing creativity to expand upon a pre-existing image.


  • paper
  • drawing/colouring utensils
  • a squiggle, drawn on a piece of paper and photocopied for the class


  • Hand out photocopied squiggle to class.
  • Ask students to think about what they see in the squiggle, and to rotate the paper to get different perspectives.
  • Students draw a picture with the squiggle included in it (thus expanding on the original squiggle).
  • When students are finished, ask them to attach a story to their squiggle.
  • Students share their pictures and stories with the class.

Additional Resources


Spilled Milk by Charles G. Shaw, Pub. HarperTrophy, 1988, ISBN: 0064431592