Painting Lines with String

Suggested Grades



Students will experiment in creating and identifying different types of lines.


  • sheets of large white drawing paper
  • variety of tempera paints separated into large containers
  • various lengths and types of string, yarn, rope, shoelaces, etc.- enough for each colour.
  • newspaper to cover floor!


  • Demonstration:
    • Dip string into paint (any colour), and apply or drop on sheet of paper.
    • Continue to create a design or pattern using other types of string and colour.
  • Students follow the process.
  • Variation: Place paint-soaked string on paper with one end hanging over the edge. Then place another sheet of paper on top. With one hand holding the papers in place, pull the string out from between with your other hand.
  • Note: This may be best done in small groups, with students sharing paints and string.