Geometric Houses

Suggested Grades



The students will identify the parts and functions of a house by creating a house made of geometric shapes.


  • The book, Houses and Homes by Ann Morris
  • Flannel Board
  • Felt Geometric Shapes
  • Felt Board
  • Construction Paper
  • Geometric Paper Shapes
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  • Ask for children’s predictions about the story based on title and picture clues from the book.
  • Read the story.
  • Discuss the text of the book, shapes of the house (What shapes do you see?). Structural parts and functions (What part do you see on the house? What does each part do? How does it help?)
    For example:
    • Top of a house are roofs for protection from the weather.
    • Opening on the sides of houses are windows for light.
    • Entry opening doorways and doors are to enter or exit.
    • Walkways and steps are to get to the house.
    • Outdoor extensions are porches, balconies, terraces for family use.
    • Surrounding walls, fences, and gates are to protect the house.
  • Use a flannel board and geometrical shapes to recreate some of the houses in the book, Houses and Homes
  • Create a picture of a house using geometric paper shapes.
  • Afterwards, asks students to write or tell about which shapes were used to create their house. You may want to get them to label the shapes on their house as well.