Creating Comic Strips

Suggested Grades



Students will examine various comic strips for their elements of humour, plot, drawing style, and basic design; they will then create their own comic strip.


  • various comic strips (check newspapers and magazines), and collections of these strips (eg. Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, etc.)
  • drawing utensils
  • paper


  • Examine the comic strips you have gathered with the class, focusing on elements of humour (eg. satire, slapstick, irony, etc.), drawing style (use of line and/or colour), and plot.
  • Students create their own comic strip by going through the process of planning their plot, characters, and drawing style on scrap paper.
  • Transfer draft to final copy.
  • Students share their comic strips with the class, examining the various elements others used.
  • Variation: This lesson can also be completed on the computer using a drawing program.

Additional Resources