An Artistic List of Ways to Make Flowers

  • Use cupcake holders, paint, then add green construction paper stems and leaves.
  • Cut out egg cups from cardboard egg cartons, punch a whole in the middle. Paint the egg cups whatever colour you would like and let dry. Twist two green pipe cleaners together and push them through the whole. Make a little knot at the end of the pipecleaners so that it will not separate from the egg cup.
  • Use a flower tracer and cut flowers out of large pieces of construction paper, then paste cupcake holders in the middle and add construction paper stems and leaves.
  • Trace four hand prints onto colourful paper. Cut out the handprints and then glue all the bases of the hands together in a circular pattern to form a flower. Cut out a circle out of yellow paper and paste it in the middle. You can even do this with just one hand print.
  • Make a lily by tracing a hand print onto white paper. Cut out the handprint and roll the fingers around a pencil, then glue or tape the sides of the hand together. Twist two pipe cleaners together to make a stem and attach with a staple.
  • Tulips: Cut out small tulip shapes out of coloured paper. Cut small squares of tissue paper out. Put a drop of glue on the tulip, put a piece of tissue paper on the end of a pencil eraser, and press the tissue paper onto the glue drop. Continue until the whole tulip shape is covered with tissue.
  • Sunflowers: Cut out a circle out of brown construction paper. Cut out strips out of yellow paper Glue one end of each strip to the back of the brown circle. Wait until the glue dries a bit then pull the other edge of the paper strip and glue it down on the circle. Glue sunflower seeds onto brown center. Cut leaves and stem out of green paper and glue on. As a displaying idea, you can string them through a long piece of string and hang it like a clothesline.
  • Tissue Paper Flowers: Take several sheets of colourful tissue, lay them on top of each other and accordion fold them. Fold in the middle and tie it with a pipe cleaner. Then fan out the accordion and separate the layers.
  • Cut a variety of shapes out of colourful construction paper and glue them all into a circular fashion onto a cupcake holder centre.