The Story Behind Music

Suggested Grades



Students will develop an appreciation and connection to music by diving into their imaginations and associating a story to a musical piece.


  • a songs that is varied in speed and conjures a variety of emotions
  • drawing paper
  • crayons, pencil crayons, markers, or paint


  • Explain to students that when people write music it is usually based on some sort of story. The story behind music with words are usually easier to figure out because the story is explained through the words. The story behind music without words is explained through the music itself.
  • Play a piece of music and ask students to close their eyes and imagine what they think the story behind the music is.
  • Stop the music, and ask students to open their eyes. Hand out the drawing paper and materials.
  • Play the music again while students draw what they imagined the story behind the music is.
  • Have students present their work and the story behind them to the class.
  • Variation: Instead of, or in addition to, have students write out the story that they think is behind the music.