Pass the Melody

Suggested Grades



Students will gain an appreciation and knowledge of melodies by creating and practicing melodies as a class.


  • Gather the class in a circle.
  • Start off by singing a few words to to a song that the class knows.
  • After a few words, pass the melody off to the person beside you by pointing to them. Emphasize to the students to try to keep the transitions as smooth as possible.
  • The next person is responsible for singing the next few words of the song and then passing the melody to the person next to them. On and on it goes until the song is finished, or repeat the song so that everyone gets a turn.
  • After doing this strategy with this known song, try to create a class song the same way.
  • Extension: Use a tape recorder to tape the song as the class creates it. After they finish, listen to the song. What would make it better? Are the transitions smooth? Is the tempo right?… Try making another song, keeping these observations in mind.