Making a Rain Stick

Suggested Grades



Students will make a rain stick which will allow them to recreate and better understand the sound of rain in a rainforest.


Per Rain Stick:

  • 1 cardboard tube
  • 30 stickpins
  • cellophane tape
  • 1 cup of rice
  • wrapping paper and/or paints to decorate it


  • Stick in the pins pins through the cardboard tube in 5 rows with 6 pins in each row.
  • Put a strip of tape around each row to hold pins in place.
  • Tape one end of the tube shut.
  • Pour in the rice.
  • Tape the other end of the tube shut.
  • Decorate the rain stick by covering it with wrapping paper or paint it.
  • To recreate the sound of ran, tip the rain stick slowly.