Tour Guide

Suggested Grades



Students will learn about a setting by guiding their classmates and participating through a dramatic tour guide.


  • In pairs, ask students to choose a setting that they would like to learn more about and are interested in (eg: a castle, a pyramid, a government building, etc.).
  • Get students to research the setting then write out the information in a format that would suit a tour guide. Students can use nothing but their words and their acting to accurately present the tour (no sound effects, visual props, etc.).
  • Have each pair stand in front of the class and “take their classmates on a tour” of the setting they chose.
  • Eg: Welcome to Benedict’s Castle. If you turn to your right, and proceed up the stairs, we will begin our tour. On your way up the stairs, some of you may have noticed the portraits. These were painted by William Smith, who was the official portrait painter of the Benedict family for forty years…