Everyday Objects Come to Life

Suggested Grades



Students will look at an everyday object and think about another name for it, then demonstrate its use. This activity encourages students to think of the world in a imaginative way and use everyday objects as dramatic jump off points.


  • an everyday object that can be passed around easily, anything will do


  • Gather students in a circle.
  • Explain to students that every time they receive the object that they are to hold it up, tell the class its new name, and demonstrate how it can be used.
  • Give students a minute to think about what they can say and do.
  • Hold up the object (eg: a toilet paper roll), reveal its new name (eg: a telescope), demonstrate how it can be used (eg: hold it up to your eye and look through it), then pass the toilet paper roll to the person beside you.
  • Continue until everyone has had a turn.
  • Extension: In addition to acting out the object’s new use add a short statement. (eg: hold “telescope” to your eye, scan the class and state in a pirate voice, “Ahoy Matey! Looks like hurricanes, sharks and icebergs ahead!” I’m sure you can think of something better!!)