How to Write a Name Poem

Suggested Grades



A Name Poem is a good way to teach children to focus the influence that people (friends and family) around them have.


Line 1 – your first name
Line 2 – “It means” then 3 adjectives that describe you
Line 3 – “It is the number” then any number you choose
Line 4 – “It is like” describe a color but don’t name it
Line 5 – “It is ” and name something you remember experiencing with family or friends that makes you smile to recall
Line 6 – “It is the memory of” and name a person who is or has been significant to you
Line 7 – “Who taught me” 2 abstract concepts (such as “honesty”)
Line 8 – “When he/she” then refer to something that person did that displayed the qualities in line 7
Line 9 – “My name is” your first name
Line 10 – “It means” and in 1-2 brief sentences state something important you believe about life.


It means strong, compassionate, friendly,
It is 100,
It is like light strawberries,
It is going swimming in the cold lake at Banff,
It is the memory of Grandma Tracy,
Who taught me patience and trust,
When she worked at the school,
My name is Jenny,
It means I believe in working hard and never giving up.