Home-grown Publishing

by Dan Lukiv

This symposium-style presentation on the subject of home-grown publishing addresses:

  • how to create a literary journal to publish students’ writing;
  • how to develop a creative writing program (includes examples of how to publish/display students’ work); and
  • how to create and publish a specialized journal of education to provide direction for specialist teachers.

In Part One, “CHALLENGER international: A Home-grown Literary Journal” describes how I started a literary journal to display the writing efforts of my students. In an article called “Computers and the Writing Class,” Dorian Love presents some valuable direction about how he has displayed the writing efforts of his students.

In Part Two, “Story Day: A Theoretical Model for Teaching Creative Writing in the Elementary Grades” continues the home-grown publishing theme. The model includes suggestions on how to display/publish students’ work on bulletin boards and in class libraries.

In Part Three, I continue this home-grown publishing theme with a focus on the needs of specialist teachers. For example, how does a specialist teacher find direction when little seems to exist? To answer that question, I describe how I began The [Home-grown] Journal of Secondary Alternate Education, designed to give direction to teachers, like myself, who teach high school students with socio-emotional problems. I encourage specialist teachers to apply the information in Part Three to their own circumstances and needs.