Letter to the Editor

Suggested Grades



Students will analyze and interpret letters to the editor, and use this information to write their own.


Examples of “letters to the editor”


  • Place students in groups and distribute photocopied examples
  • Have groups analyze their letters, answering the questions:
    • What is the issue being discussed?
    • How does this issue affect the writer?
    • Does the writer present solutions to the problem?
    • What is the tone of the letter (eg. hostile, upset, etc.)?
    • What can you tell about the writer of the letter (explain ‘bias’)?
  • Each group presents their article and their answers to the questions to the class.
  • Have students individually construct their own letter to the editor, based on an issue they are concerned with. Encourage students to look in the newspaper or even watch the news to get some ideas.
  • Students submit their letters to the editor.