Follow Directions and Draw

Suggested Grades



Students will practice and understand the importance of giving and listening to clear and concise directions.


  • paper for drawing
  • drawing utensils (crayons, pencils, etc)


  • Ask students to write out the exact directions for drawing something. Make sure to keep in mind colours, location of writing utensils, and appropriate descriptive words.
  • Put students into pairs. Have them sit back to back with their face in the opposite direction while one student draws and the other gives directions. Then have them change positions and repeat the process.
  • Have students analyze their drawings and directions. Did the drawing turn out correctly? How clear were the directions and did the drawer listen to them? Ask students to give each other some suggestions at how they could make their directions more clear.
  • Ask students go back to their desks and work some more on making their directions even more clear, find another partner and repeat the process. Did the drawing turn out clearly now? Was this because of the directions or the listening?
  • Variation: Try having students, or the teacher, follow the directions on an overhead projector while the class watches.