When Dinosaurs Go Visiting

by Linda Martin

read aloud kindergarten, readability grade one

A lot of preparation has to be done before dinosaurs can go visiting; teeth have to be brushed, nails have to be clipped, goodies have to be made, and much more. But, all of this work is well worth it as the dinosaurs arrive at their friends’ home; they dance, eat, and have a lot of fun. When Dinosaurs Go Visiting recreates a realistic picture of what humans do when they go visiting, leaving out the boring drives and boring conversations of course! Its simple text and cute dinosaur illustrations are a treat for young readers approaching this book.

When Parents Come Visiting: This is a good way to have a lot of class input and responsibility for parent visiting times

Read this book before a meet the teacher night, student led conferences, or any other time when parents will be visiting the class. Have a class discussion about things that must be done before the parents visit. Write down the class’s ideas on chart paper. Ask the students about appropriate behavior, things to be cleaned, and food to be prepared. Get the things done that need to be done, and re-read to the class about the appropriate behavior ideas right before the visiting time.