There’s Something in My Attic

by Mercer Mayer

readability kindergarten, readaloud kindergarten

A little girl hears a nightmare in the attic of her newly moved in country home. Her parents don’t believe her, so she decides to capture it alone. This charming, easy to read book reminds children that they can be powerful too. Children don’t always need their parents to conquer their fears or read books.

What is in the attic?

  1. Before reading this book to the class, draw and cut out triangles out of construction paper. This will be an attic. In the middle of the base of the triangle cut out a rectangle, but not all the way, just two snips. It should look like a door opened.
  2. Paste the attic onto a piece of paper with the door left opened.
  3. When reading aloud this book, stop before the nightmare is revealed.
  4. Ask students to draw a picture, inside the open door, of what they think is in the attic.
  5. Colour in the attic.
  6. Finish the story.