The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

by Mark Tetro

read aloud kindergarten, readability grade one

This beautiful book, by the artist Mark Tetro, explains the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who have helped create and protect the country of Canada that exists today. Additionally, this book recounts the story of Canada as it took its first steps as a country. A valuable resource in the classroom that is easy to read and would be very appealing to young readers.

Eventually, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had outposts built all over the Canada from coast to coast to coast. These outposts were modeled after the fur trading posts that were built out of the vast number of trees that were available for the fur trading companies. Use the drawing in this book and/or pictures from the web sites below to make an outpost. Lay down and glue popsicle sticks together or glue them together standing up in the formation of a building. To make it easier for young children, you can get small boxes and have them glue the popsicle sticks all around the box. When the glue dries paint the building with brown paint.