The Pig in the Pond

by Martin Waddell

read aloud, readability grade one

It is a hot, dry day on Nelligan’s farm and a pig envies the ducks in the cool pond. Pigs can’t swim, so the poor pig suffers as it gets hotter and hotter. Finally he cannot take it anymore and, much to everyone’s surprise, he takes the plunge. This is a hilarious story with hilarious illustrations, that my class loved. It is easy to read, and the repetitions make it easy for classes to read along together.

The Pig in the Pond Bulletin Board Display

  • On enough white butcher paper to cover the bulletin board, have children together sponge paint with blue tempera paint (look like a pond). Draw a big pig, have the children help paint it. Cut it out and put in the middle of the bulletin board. Have each child draw an animal that can live on a farm. Cut them out and add to the bulletin board.