The Mare’s Egg

retold by Carole Spray

read aloud kindergarten, readability grade 3

A new settler has arrived to the new world with no knowledge of how to run a farm or raise animals. Like many settlers that sailed over the ocean to seek their fortune, this one trusted other well-seasoned folk with all of their hearts. The settler has settled down enough to by him a horse and asks everyone around him for some advice. As luck would have it, he runs into a man who grows and sells Mare’s eggs (which remarkably look like pumpkins, but the settler doesn’t know any better). This is a hilarious story that any age would love. The highly detailed illustrations of Kim La Fave also provide a great resource for units on early settlers. You can see thick forest with little settlements carved out, service centers where settlers congregate, and the inside of a little shack built for one.

To attract settlers to leave their homes and sail to the new world, many posters were designed to fool people on what they could expect when they arrived.

Have a class discussion on what things may have attracted people to come over.

What colours and would be the most attractive?

Write these out on chart paper, or on the chalk board.

Design a poster that would have this same effect.

Make sure that you mention at least two of the criteria that the class came up with.

When finished designing the posters, display them and have another class discussion on the techniques that each student used.