by Roald Dahl

Read this book aloud to your class.

  1. Read one chapter at a time twice a day. Each chapter is very short and ends on a suspenseful note. Every day, before the first reading of the day, summarize what happened in the two chapters previously by asking the class. Record the major events by drawing a picture time line on chart paper.
  2. The chapter titled “Dreams” is quite a long one, so before beginning to read, prepare the kids by telling them that the chapter is about the good dreams and nightmares that the BFG collected, and after reading the chapter we will do an activity about our own dreams. “So, while we are reading this chapter, think about the dreams that you have had.”
  3. After reading the reading this chapter ask your students to:
    • Draw a nightmare that they have had.
    • Draw a good dream that they have had.
    • Write down as many words as they can to describe these dreams, don’t worry about the spellings.
    • Share the dreams with the class.
  4. When the book is finished, split your class into groups of three or four and get each of the groups to decide which one bad giant they would like to draw (Fleshlumpeater, Bonecruncher, Manhugger, Childchewer, Meatdripper, Maidmasher, Bloodbottler, or Butcher Boy) , majority decides. Draw an outline about 10 ft. tall, and each group can work together to paint it in. Also draw a BFG outline that the whole class can fill in as they have spare time.
  5. Display the giants.