Siwit – A Whale’s Story

by Alexandra Morton

readability grade 4, read aloud grade 1

A beautiful story and photograph collection of Siwit’s (a killer whale) first year of life. Through this comprehensive book students can learn many facts about the killer whale from their preferred environment to what they like to eat. An interesting fact that I learned from this book is that killer whales usually travel in family pods, and each family pod has a specific sound that they produce when they need to gather or to inform lost killer whales that they are entering the wrong pod.

The author, Alexandra Morton and her late husband photographer, Robin have used their scientific backgrounds to produce an informative and exciting classroom resource.

Whales communicate with each other using very distinctive sounds that can be seen as a specific language. Many scientist are in the process of recording these sounds and interpreting them into English…

  1. Listen to some whale sounds online.
  2. Draw/write down what you think the whales are saying.