Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind

by Suzanne Fisher Staples

readaloud grade 8, readability grade 8

In present day countries all over the world it is the custom for girls to get married as young as 11. This book harshly describes one girls life and struggles with her culture. Shabanu is a member of a nomadic tribe that wander the Cholistan desert in Pakistan. She is a happy young woman who is responsible for taking care of the camels and helping her mother with household chores. Suddenly Shabanu’s life changes when she is told that she will become the fourth wife of a wealthy landowner. Staples has succeeded in writing a beautiful and powerful book. Venture into it slowly and with a box of tissues at your side.

Throughout this book, there are many places that Shabanu and her tribe visit. Using the descriptions that Staples provides, pick one major stop and build a dioramic representation of it. Use real sand for the ground and make sure you take account the weather that was also described.