Once: A Lullaby

by bpNichol

readability kindergarten, read aloud kindergarten

A charming little pattern book comforting to read to small children as they are tucked in for bed. As well it is an excellent book for children beginning learning how to read. The pattern “Once there was a little… a baby… a little… Once there was a little… …It fell asleep.” is filled in with 18 different animals as well as a little boy and a little girl at the end of course.

Make a “Once: A Lullaby” class book

  1. Ask children to decide what animal they would like to be included in the book and what sound it would make before it falls asleep.
  2. Write out the pattern sentence of the book and fill in the animal and the sound in the appropriate spots for the child.
  3. Ask children to draw a picture of the animal above the sentence.
  4. Draw a title page and staple all of the pages together to make a class book.