My Many Coloured Days

by Dr. Seuss

readability grade1, read aloud grade2

In true Dr. Seuss style this book will become a classic in every class. Every time you turn a page in this book your are presented with a new colour and a relative emotion. Colours are so important in our lives and reflect perfectly on the way we feel. Dr. Seuss, once again, speaks to all ages with this book.

Make your own My Many Coloured Days book:

  • Gather a wide variety of paints.
  • Students outline their story in rough draft (the colours they feel).
  • Give the students a pattern sentence to fill out. eg: Somedays I feel….. or, On (enter colour) days I feel (something that rhymes with the colour).
  • Students paint a picture for each page.
  • Make a title page and staple all the pages together to make a book.