Four Seasons for Toby

by Dorothy Joan Harris

readability 2, read aloud kindergarten

Toby Turtle spends the year looking for the seasons. With his grandma and Chipmunk to guide him along readers are introduced to all of the seasons at the pond. The beautiful pictures drawn by Vlasta Van Kampen also add to the sense of discovery from this book. A good book to use at the beginning of the year to introduce children to the seasons, the the upcoming year.

  1. Before reading the book, ask students to list all of the seasons. Write them each out on a piece of chart paper.
  2. Then ask the students some things that happen in these seasons (birthdays, holidays, weather…).
  3. Read the book asking students to pay attention to what happens to the pond and its inhabitants during each season.
  4. After reading the story, ask students for suggestions of things that happen during each season to add to the charts.