Families are Different

by Nina Pellegrini

Grade 2, readaloud kindergarten

Nico is upset because she doesn’t look like her mom, dad or sister; she is adopted. Nico isn’t upset for long, though, when she realizes that there are many different kinds of families around her, some with one dad and no mom, some with no moms and dads, some with step parents, and many more. This is a charming story that emphasizes to us all that no family is the same. A perfect book to use for an early social studies unit on families.

How many people are in your family: graph

  1. Cut out 4″x4″ squares out of construction paper, enough for each member of your family including you.
  2. On each square draw each member of your family and write their name underneath
  3. Paste them vertically on a piece of paper.
  4. Display the all the students families as a bar graph from the largest families to the smallest.