Charlotte’s Web

by E.B. White

read aloud kindergarten, readability grade 4

This classic has captured the hearts of many readers of all ages because it is humorous, lively, suspenseful, and tender. Who knew that saving a pig’s life would be so tremendous an ordeal that would take the energies of Wilbur’s many friends: Fern, Templeton the rat, a goose, a gander, and most of all Charlotte the spider? The themes dealt with are universal, and enlightening to anyone.

Make Charlotte

What you need:

  • newspapers
  • balloons
  • 5 lbs. of flour (for 20 so )
  • big pail for papier mache mixture
  • black and white tempera paint and brushes
  • black pipe cleaners for legs

What to do:

  • Tear newspaper into one inch strips.
  • Have each student inflate a balloon.
  • Cover desks with newspaper.
  • Distribute strips of paper.
  • Mix flour and water to a paste consistency and put in pans (you may want to do this in advance), and distribute.
  • Dip strips of paper in pans and wrap around balloon after two layers stop and let dry over night.
  • When dry tape on pipe cleaners and bend so they look like legs.
  • Then wrap two more layers of papier mache and let dry overnight.
  • Pop and remove balloon.
  • Paint in white eyes.