8 O’Cluck

by Jill Creighton

  • read aloud kindergarten
  • Readability: grade 3

Mr. Wolf is being friendly by inviting his neighbors over for a lovely dinner,…or is he? The neighbors are chickens and it is hard to believe that Mr. Wolf isn’t preparing a meal of them rather than for them. But , when the time comes for dinner, the chickens have thought ahead and trap Mr. Wolf in a humorous situation of their own.. A cunning and imaginative story with the bold photomontages of Pierre-Paul Pariseau.

Photomontage is a cut and paste artistic technique with images/text/backgrounds that are collected from magazines, catalogues, flyers, etc.


  1. Choose your favourite scene from 8 O’Cluck and make a visual representation of it with your own photomontage. Before doing this activity, though, try to collect a variety of things with texts and pictures on them and use these items as your material for your photomontage.