50 Below Zero

by Robert Munsch

read aloud kindergarten, readability grade 2

Jason wakes up to find that his father is sleep walking. No matter how much Jason yells, his father will not wake up. Finally desperate times call for desperate measures as Jason’s father wanders outside in 50 below (Celsius) weather! Yet another hilarious book by Munsch, that will become a class room favourite and will have everyone laughing.

This book is dedicated to Jason from Watts Lake, Yukon and Tie from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. It gets pretty cold in these places, but how cold does it get? During a winter month, I think January would be the best month because it’s usually the coldest, use weather forecasts to record the daily temperatures in these two communities and compare it to your community’s temperature. Every morning check the internet, write down the present temperatures for each place. At the end of the month, figure out what was the coldest day in each place. Did it ever get to 50 below?

Here’s an excellent site for weather forecasts all over the world. The data is provided by Environment Canada: