1 is One

by Tasha Tudor

read aloud kindergarten and up, readability kindergarten

This simple book pairs up the numbers from 1 to 20 with the relative number of objects, from 1 is one duckling swimming in a dish to 20 is twenty geese flying toward the dawn. The delicate drawings on every page resemble those in early 1900’s children’s’ books, and the text beneficially includes both the numerical and the text version of the numbers. This is a beautiful book that will make learning numbers a memorable and special experience.

Make a picture number line for the classroom:

Have each child pick a number from a hat (1 out of 20) and think about an equivalent number of objects they would like to draw.

Then draw the objects on a large piece of paper and write copy the same phrase structure as in the book. ie: (numeral) is (number written out)(objects)(action)(place).

Laminate and display all of the number pictures on the wall and refer to throughout the year.