Making a Fantasy Line

Suggested Grades



Students will be able to better distinguish events that occur in the fantasy and real world by drawing a fantasy line.


  • a large piece of paper
  • smaller pieces of paper for drawing (about 5 cm squares)
  • a book that takes place in a fantasy and real world
  • crayons, pencil crayons, or markers


  • After reading the book, make a list of the main events that occurred, individually or as a class.
  • On the small pieces of paper draw these events, and write a description of each underneath.
  • When finished, make two piles of pictures; one for the events that occurred in the fantasy world, and the other for the events that occurred in the real world.
  • Put each pile in the order that they occurred.
  • Fold the large piece of paper in half (vertically, the hotdog way), open it up, and draw a line over the fold.
  • Title one side of the paper “Fantasy World” and the other side “Real World”. Glue the pictures on the appropriate side.
  • Variation: Instead of drawing all of the events, simply list them in their appropriate worlds.