Life Size Characters

Suggested Grades



Students will focus on a character’s appearance and represent them in a life size (or almost life size) picture of the character. This activity usually is done in primary classrooms, but can be successfully done in intermediate classrooms too!


  • butcher paper
  • paint
  • writing utensils
  • scissors


  • Ask students to choose their favourite character from a book and analyze how they look like… What are they wearing?, Do they have any distinctive characteristics?…
  • Roll out a long length of butcher paper and ask students to draw their character life size.
    For older students this can extend to a lesson of measurement and/or proportion.
    For the younger students you may just ask them to lay on the butcher paper and trace their body so they have a basic body outline to fill in.
  • Use paints to fill in the outline of the character.
  • When the paint is dry, cut the characters out and display.
  • Extension: Ask students to pick out their favourite quote that their character says in the book, write it out on a piece of paper, and display the quote along with the picture.