Word Race

Suggested Grades



Students will practice examining, copying out, and reading words that are written in the classroom.


  • paper
  • pencils
  • chart paper
  • marker


  • Hand out a couple of sheets of paper to each student and ask them to put their names on the top of each sheet.
  • Explain to student that they will be participating in a word race, where the aim of the race is to copy down as many words that exist the classroom as they can. Remind them that the words that they write, must be neat and recognizable. If the teacher can’t read it, or the spelling is wrong it will not be counted.
  • Give students about 10 minutes to do this.
  • After this time gather as a class and ask each student to choose and read out five of the words that they collected to the class.
  • Collect all of the sheets and go through the pile counting the words for the students, or have the students count them out themselves.
  • Add the totals all together and write the number with a marker along with the date on a piece of chart paper. Play the game again on another day and try to beat that number.