Touch and Feel Box

Suggested Grades



Students will identify and describe objects through their sense of touch. This will enable students to develop their description and deduction skills.


  • any sort of a box (shoe box, hat box, moving box, etc.)
  • objects that have distinctive textures: rocks, feathers, pinecones, nuts, leaves, etc..


  • Have one student come up, put their hand in the box and feel the object that is in there.
  • After a few seconds, ask them to give as many description words of what they felt so that their classmates can guess what they were feeling.
  • The uses of a touch and feel box are endless:
    • Use it for objects tied to a certain unit.
    • Ask students to make their own and try it with their classmates.
    • Use it to teach classification systems.
    • For K-1 children, include a different object a day, that begins with a certain letter of the alphabet.(some examples are, A: apple, B: button, C: corn, D: dice, E: egg, F: feather, G: bottle of glue, H: hat, I: ice, J: juice box, K: key, L: leaf, M: macaroni, N: nail, O: orange, P: pencil, Q: quarter, R: rock, S: sand, T: tape, V: velcor, W: watch, Y: yo yo Z: zipper)
    • Use it to teach classification systems.
    • Etc…