Bang!: A Sight Word Game

Suggested Grades



Through this game, students will learn to recognize and read sight words.


  • coffee cans wrapped in paper (to make them look pretty)
  • sight words written out on cards for each coffee can
  • 3 cards per can with the word Bang! written on them


  • In pairs students take turns drawing out the sight word cards from the can and try to read them.
  • If they can read the word they get to keep the card. If they can’t the partner tries reading it, and if he reads it correctly he gets to keep the card.
  • If neither students can read the word, it goes in a “don’t know it yet” pile on the floor.
  • When a Bang! card is pulled out of the can the student who drew it has to return all their cards into the can. The Bang! card is placed in a seperate pile on the floor.
  • The game is played until all the cards are drawn, and the student with the most cards, wins.