Class Big Book Ideas

Suggested Grades



Students will practice their printing and sentence writing skills through writing pages for class big books. Class big books also are a good way to promote cooperation and reading in your classroom.

Class Big Books Based on General Ideas

  • “Things I Like to do at School”
    I like to _______________ at school.
  • “Our Thankful Book”
    I am thankful for _______________.
  • “Dressing up for Hallowe’en”
    For Hallowe’en, I am going to be _______________.
  • “A Dinosaur is Bigger Than…”
    A dinosaur is bigger than _______________.
  • “All I Want for Christmas”
    All I want for Christmas is _______________.
  • “Our Teddy Bears”
    Here is (child’s name)’s Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear’s name, who likes to _______________.
  • “If I Caught a Leprechan”
    If I caught a leprechaun, I would _______________.
  • “In Our Pockets”
    A _______________ can fit in my pocket.
  • “We Saw Snow”
    (Child’s name) saw snow _______________.
  • “A Seed’s Needs”
    A seed needs _______________ to grow.
  • “Spring is Here”
    The _______________ are _______________.
    eg: The birds are chirping.

Class Big Books Based on Other Books

  • “The Gingerbread Man”: based on the traditional tale.
    On the first page of the book write out “The Gingerbread Man runs away from the…” Each student draws and writes out what or who the Gingerbread man can run away from.
  • “Look Closer”: based on Look Closer, Rebecca and Brian Wildsmith
    Ask each student to draw a picture of something that can have an insect hiding on it or in it then draw the insect in the picture really tiny. Underneath have students fill in the following sentence: “I passed _____________ and saw something move. What could it be?” On another piece of paper draw a zoomed in picture of the insect on the same object drawn earlier. Underneath it have students write out the name of the insect.
  • “I Love You Good Night”: based on I Love You Good Night, Jon Buller and Susan Schade
    I love you like _______________ loves _______________.
  • “Jump, Frog, Jump!”: based on Jump, Frog, Jump!, Robert Kalan
    (Student’s name)’s frog jumped away from _______________.
  • “Once: A Lullaby” based on Once: A Lullaby, bpNichol
    Once there was a little _______________, a baby _______________, a little _______________. Once there was a little _______________. _______________, it fell asleep.
  • “Hands Can” based on Hands, Hands, Hands, Marcia Vaughan
    Hands can _______________ and _______________ , but shouldn’t _______________ or _______________.
  • “King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub” based on King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub, Audrey & Don Wood
    On the first page of the book write out “King Bidgood’s in the bathtub, and he won’t get out! Who knows what to do?” Then get students to fill in:
    “I do!” cried the _______________ . _______________ .
  • “Sometimes I Feel Like a…” based on Sometimes I Feel Like a Mouse, Jeanne Modesitt
    Sometimes I feel like a (animal),(action), (feeling)
  • .”Who Sank the Boat?” based on Who Sank the Boat?, Pamela Allen
    Was it the _______________? NO!
  • “My Barn”based on My Barn, Craig Brown
    I like the sound _______________. The sound a _______________ makes.
  • “When Dinosaurs Go Visiting”based on When Dinosaurs Go Visiting, Linda Martin
    When dinosaurs go visiting they _______________.