Creating an Alphabet Booklet

Suggested Grades



Students will create an alphabet booklet using a word processing program. Through this they will practice the specific word processing skills of formatting, saving, retrieving, editing, cutting & pasting, adding graphics, and typing. Additionally, the language arts skills that will be practiced include letter sound recognition and sentence writing.


  • computer with a word processing program
  • clip art library
  • disks


  • Create a new word processing document and name it “alphabet book”.
  • Begin writing a sentence for the letter “A”: A is for _________.
  • Search clip art library for a picture that begins with “A”.
  • Insert the clip art into the document (resize if necessary).
  • Add another sentence that describes the word.
  • Repeat process until the letter “Z”.
  • Since this lesson will be done over a few weeks, after each session, save the document.
  • Print up when finished.
  • Cut out each page and paste it onto similar size pages into a booklet.