A List of Reward Ideas

Effort has been given to provide a combination of reward ideas suited for both primary and intermediate students.

  1. Sit at the teacher’s desk.
  2. Take care of the class animals for the day.
  3. Have lunch with your favorite person.
  4. Have lunch with the principal.
  5. Join another class for indoor recess.
  6. Have the teacher phone parents to tell them what a great kid you are.
  7. Draw on the chalkboard.
  8. Be first in line.
  9. Do only half an assignment.
  10. Choose any class job for the week.
  11. Choose the music for lunch. Bring in a tape.
  12. Take a tape recorder home for the night.
  13. Use colored chalk.
  14. Do all the class jobs for the day.
  15. Invite a visitor from outside the school.
  16. Get a drink whenever you want.
  17. Use the pencil sharpener any time.
  18. No early morning work.
  19. Take a class pet home overnight.
  20. Be a helper in the room with younger children.
  21. Help the custodian.
  22. Help the secretary.
  23. Help the librarian.
  24. Stay in at recess to play a game with a friend.
  25. Use stamps and ink.
  26. Invite a friend from another class into the room for lunch.
  27. Use the teacher’s chair.
  28. Work in the lunchroom.
  29. Take a class game home for the night.
  30. Choose a book for the teacher to read to the class.
  31. Move your desk to a chosen location.
  32. Keep an animal on your desk–stuffed or not stuffed.
  33. No homework pass.
  34. Lunch with the teacher.
  35. Operate the projector.
  36. Use the couch or beanbag chair for the day.
  37. Go to another class for lunch.
  38. Use the computer.
  39. Be the first to eat.
  40. Use the tape recorder and tape a story.
  41. Have a special sharing time to teach something to the class, set up a display etc.
  42. Be leader of a class game.
  43. Go to the centre or your choice during play centre time.
  44. Extra centre time or extra recess.
  45. Read to a younger child.
  46. Read to someone else.
  47. Get first pick of recess equipment.
  48. Get a fun worksheet.
  49. Choose a movie for the class to watch.