maple leaf Successful Strategies to use with 'PROBLEM' Students


1. Philosophy

1-1. Approach to Working with Students
1-2. Assumptions we Make
1-3. Principles to Live and Die For
1-4. Five Basic Premises About Behavior
1-5. Four Goals of Behavior
1-6. Conceptualization of Strategies
2. Strategies
2-1. Self-worth
2-2. Anger Management
2-3. Dealing with Angry Students
2-4. Why Suspensions Don't Work for Most Native Students
2-5. If Suspensions Don't Work, What are the Alternatives?
2-6. Negative Peer Pressure
2-7. Dialogue + Circle Talks
2-8. Circle Talks
2-9. Conflict Resolution
2-10. Monitoring Disrespectful Behavior
2-11. Choices
2-12. Logical Consequences
2-13. Negotiating
2-14. Criteria Referencing
2-15. Modeling
2-16. Classroom Meetings
2-17. Other Strategies
2-18. Stress
2-19. Creating a Safe, Caring, and Sharing Environment
2-20. Why Schools Don't Educate
Note how many of these strategies are preventative and focus on strengths of students

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