Ignite: A Walk Through the Informal Learning of Minecraft

Recently I had the privilege of sharing the Minecraft love in Coquitlam at Ignite Night – Sharing our Stories and at my own school district’s Ignite: Engaging the Digital Learner Series. For those of you who have never been to an Ignite, it is a series of quick presentations. I was given the parameters to tell my stories in 20 slides with 15 seconds per slide. Talk about pressure!  At the risk of sounding like the next Chipmunks album, this format forces you to really think about the main points of your message. As an audience member, it’s a nice way to get quick snapshots that can be further discussed and embellished on twitter or during the breaks through face to face conversations.

Both nights were a success! While I barely remember presenting, I do remember all the other wonderful, inspiring talks that I listened to. If the opportunity presents itself for you to participate or attend in an Ignite, do!  It was a great experience for me.

Here is my Ignite.

Minecraft Mania: A Walk Through the Informal Learning of Minecraft.