So This Happened: Kindergarten Boy 1 Mud Puddle 0

After teaching a crazy Friday morning in K and trying to juggle too many balls in the air at the office, this happened…

and this happened…

and this happened…

and this happened!

As the supervisor brought him in after lunch, I just didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or cry.  My two K teacher colleagues got a sense of this and whisked him away. Photos were taken, an interview was done, and this is the result. Sometimes, you just have to shake your head, smile and be grateful for parents who send a change of clothing right down to socks and shoes!

Teacher: Was the mud fun?

Boy: “Yeah, SO MUCH FUN! We were playing a game, we had to cover the mud with rocks and the ground where the sand was, but NO woodchips! Eight of us, we didn’t cover all the mud, though we’ll finish on MONDAY!”

Not sure about that!

Thank you to my dear colleagues who rescued me from going over the edge!