Snow Has Arrived in the Greater Vancouver Area!

Our Snowman

Once a year we go through this. The city may as well shut down as a result of a few centimeters of snow. It is a miracle that anything gets done when there is snow. This is especially true at school, because come on, can you concentrate on learning that “the magic ‘e’ makes the ‘a’ say it’s own name” when there is wonderful, untouched, glistening snow calling you? So, I’m not going to get too hung up if my firsties do not give themselves over 100% to guided reading, ten frames, or learning about magnetic properties. Yawn! While I’m teaching I know that what they will be thinking about is the snowball fight they are going to have (yes, the making and throwing of snowballs is banned at my school but the kids seem to not know that), how much air time they can get while sliding down our mini hill using just their pants (because no one around here owns appropriate gear for sledding), and what kind of manpower is needed to make a snowman as tall as the school.

I am not a snow person. I love having snow outside as I stay indoors to wear my snuggly (I am proud to own a snuggly, it is awesome!), watch movies and drink hot chocolate. I don’t snowboard, ski, toboggan, or build snowmen. But, now I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I have to get over it…. and there’s one thing that trumps my discomfort with being out in the snow, it’s the whining and whimpering from a 4 and 1 year old!

Well, I guess I can get my butt out there and enjoy the excitement that is generated when snow meet children. But, inside, you can guarantee that there will be a lot of snowmen and snowflakes being drawn and made using every craft supply readily available.

This is a darling snowman craft I do every year. It takes a lot of work and nimble fingers to tie all that string (I would suggest getting some helpers to do this), but the kids love doing it and it is a nice way to decorate your classroom. Another bonus, you can keep it up until spring!

Hanging Snowman 1 Hanging Snowman 2

If you would like to try this, here is a template for you that includes the circles for the body, arms, scarf and boots. I get the kids to make their own hats and noses and then they decorate the snowmen however they want. Some years, depending on the amount of help I have in the classroom, I have just trace this on white cardstock for every child and they just have to cut and decorate. If your students are okay with tracing on their own, you can just photocopy these on cardstock and use them as tracers for them to use on their own.

Hanging Snowman pdf

I’m also going to do this. I found it on Pinterest, originally from the Random Thoughts of a Supermom blog. I know it calls for unopened juice boxes, which is a great idea for a winter party, but we gather enough juice boxes each week to fill a trailer truck. I may as well try to use some for a craft. So cute and easy!

Snowman Juice Boxes

If you need some poems and songs related to snow, winter, and January, here are some we have gathered on CanTeach.

Happy Teaching!

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